Pastor Whitfield, the founder of ICCF, is a man who ministers the uncompromising Word of God with boldness and enthusiasm. His love for people and God is evident in each dynamic message he preaches. Knowing where he was before Jesus came into his life, Pastor Whitfield ministers with joy, authority and experience on how the Word of God will change your life forever! He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion with a minor in Psychology, as well as a Masters in Theology. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Agape Faith Church, where he ministers to those in need of growth and change with his wife, Susan.
Bill Motley is senior pastor and founder of The Life Church and Abundant Life World Outreach Ministries. He began ministry in 1990 with 5 people in his living room and currently pastors the largest multi-cultural church in his region. His strong vision and anointing to preach the uncompromised Word of Faith is evident when he begins to decree God’s Word. His unapologetic style increases the faith of those under his leadership. Pastor Bill has a strong financial deliverance in his life along with his ability to teach forth-coming leadership principals. Pastor Bill can be seen on Victory Today Television and is the author of Trusting God’s Integrity. He and his wife, Sharon, have 4 beautiful children. His motto is: Victory Belongs to You, Today!
Sharon Motley is co-pastor and founder of The Life Church and Abundant Life World Outreach Ministries. Her unapologetic style opens the hearts of the hearers to receive the uncompromised Word of Faith. As Pastor Sharon speaks truth in the lives of the hearers, the captives are set free. Through her on testimony of healing: spirit, soul and body, people find the anointing to be loosed from their past. She moves strong in the deliverance anointing and in the Gifts of the Spirit. Pastor Sharon can be seen on Victory Today and Sister to Sister television. She is the author of 31 days of Healing, The Healing Word and Hymns for Him. She is the wife of Pastor Bill Motley and the mother of 4 beautiful children. Together, Pastors Bill and Sharon Motley boldly proclaim that “Victory Belongs to You, Today!”
Pastor James Lilly has a contagious spirit of love and gentleness that flows through every facet of his ministry. He has a teaching style that is very practical and easy to understand. He has a tremendous passion to see God’s people working and living the principles of God’s Word and getting results from it. He is an insightful teacher of faith in God’s Word, wanting everyone to clearly understand the Bible so they can use it in practical ways. Pastor Lilly is a graduate of LaSalle College and Duke University and a man of great faith, wisdom, compassion and love.