Evan DiDio
YouTube Genius
Evan has a heart to help pastors and media directors in your church If you are looking for someone to help you find wisdom on reaching more people online with the gospel, Evan will certainly help you! He seeks to give ministries tips + tools for building an online ministry. Revival can happen online! It happened to his small country church. At the beginning of 2020 God spoke to his Pastor and asked him a question. 👉"What would church look like, if the focus was online?"👈 Evan’s goal is to help you answer that question. He answered it, and a year later we have gotten more than 13 MILLION views, and 150,000 SUBSCRIBERS! (Glory to God!) Evan wants to help you use social media for the uncompromised Gospel.
Tracy Harris
Pastor, Founder of Harvest International Ministries
William Tracy Harris and his wife Lori reside in their hometown of Texarkana, Arkansas. They have four children and five grandchildren. Each of their four children are all serving in the ministry, along with their spouses. Tracy and Lori are the Founders of Harvest International Ministries, and Harvest International Ministerial Association. They are also the Founders and Pastors of The Family Word Church in Texarkana, Arkansas.
JB Whitfield
ICCF Founder, Pastor & John Maxwell Certified Coach
Pastor Whitfield is a man who ministers the uncompromising Word of God with boldness and enthusiasm. His love for people and God is evident in each dynamic message he preaches. Knowing where he was before Jesus came into his life, Pastor Whitfield ministers with joy, authority and experience on how the Word of God will change your life forever!
Bill Motley
ICCF President & Pastor
Bill Motley is senior pastor and founder of The Life Church and Abundant Life World Outreach Ministries. He began ministry in 1990 with 5 people in his living room and currently pastors the largest multi-cultural church in his region.
Sharon Motley
Sharon Motley is co-pastor and founder of The Life Church and Abundant Life World Outreach Ministries. Her unapologetic style opens the hearts of the hearers to receive the uncompromised Word of Faith.
Chris Morgan
James Lilly
Pastor James Lilly has a contagious spirit of love and gentleness that flows through every facet of his ministry. He has a tremendous passion to see God’s people working and living the principles of God’s Word and getting results from it.
Sandra Lilly
Pastor Sandy serves along side of her husband with a great love for people and a passion for serving the church and seeing people grow.
Chris DiCiaccio
A pastor & teacher with a strong background in leadership, Chris has a huge heart for helping ministers!
Jan DiCiaccio
Mom, Grandma, Pastor's Wife
Jan is a strong woman of God overflowing with love! She has a heart for ladies in ministry & a wealth of wisdom to give.