About Us

What is ICCF?
International Covenant Connections Fellowship

ICCF is:

  • An international gathering of ministers helping each other fulfill the vision God has given to each of us!
  • A covenant fellowship set on ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ in a modern world without compromising!
  • A genuinely connected group, living by the leadership principles we share & teach!
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What do we do?
International Covenant Connections Fellowship

We specialize in:

  • Influencing everyone connected to rise to high levels of Godliness!
  • Constructing atmospheres where ministers can be supernaturally charged by God!
  • Creating events where ministers can learn:
    • biblical leadership principles
    • practical processes and
    • proper organizational structure.
  • Furnishing biblical & Spirit-led support when issues & problems arise.
Why was ICCF Founded?
International Covenant Connections Fellowship

ICCF was created to provide a safe place for ministers and their spouses to receive mentoring, training, accountability and fellowship so that they are able to carry out their ministry assignments with excellence and integrity, without compromising their personal lives.

Our Founders!
International Covenant Connections Fellowship

Pastor J.B. Whitfield and his wife, Susan, are the founding and Senior Pastors of Agape Faith Church, a vibrant multi-racial church in Clemmons, North Carolina. By the grace of God, the leadership they have provided since 1982 has enabled the vision of Agape Faith Church to touch thousands of lives worldwide.

Pastor Whitfield ministers with a contagious enthusiasm that flows from the joy of the Lord, a joy that permeates his life and ministry. People easily connect to his down-to-earth preaching style and humor enabling them to take hold of life changing revelations from God’s Word. Pastor Whitfield founded International Covenant Connections Fellowship. Pastor Whitfield also travels widely, teaching leadership principles that he has learned in his almost 30 years of ministry.

Susan travels throughout the United States, Africa, and Jamaica sharing powerful truths regarding the power of prayer with a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit. Susan answered the call to pray many years ago and is instrumental in training, mentoring, nurturing, and developing the gift of prayer in believers through Prayer Schools, Prayer Clinics, and Prayer Groups.

Pastor JB & Susan Whitfield

Our Board Members
International Covenant Connections Fellowship

Pastor Bill & Sharon Motley

Pastor Chris & Jan DiCiaccio

Pastor James & Sandra Lilly

Pastor Chris & Debbie Morgan

Pastor Bryan & Nicole Wright

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International Covenant Connections Fellowship