by Chris Morgan Sometimes I wonder how many people read the Bible or hear a message preached about a Bible character and think, God could never use me like that. One such story is found in Acts 16:1-10 and is known as the Macedonian Call. In short, the apostle Paul had a vision in which a man from Macedonia was asking him to come share the gospel to the people of that place. Wow, pretty supernatural right? We read this and probably think of God only using a few special people in things like this. Well if you have, you’re wrong. In this blog I want to share a few points that can help you be used by God in ways you may have thought impossible. We need to understand that God wants to send us or give us divine opportunities to help others know Him. I call them our...
  • ICCF
  • August 1, 2019
  • 2 Min Read
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