The Crucial Question Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

Leadership is not just about having a vision; it’s about embodying that vision in a way that inspires others to follow. The pivotal question is simple yet profound: Would you follow yourself? In this post, we’ll dissect some of the critical points Apostle Bill Motley raises in his impactful video.

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The Key Question: Would You Follow You?

1. Consistency is Key: Are you a consistent leader? Apostle Bill emphasizes the importance of consistency in leadership. Inconsistency can undermine trust and deter followers. Take a moment to reflect on your leadership style. Do you follow through on your commitments, or do you change direction frequently? Consistency breeds confidence.

2. Strength Matters: People are drawn to strength, both physical and emotional. Apostle Bill rightly points out that followers seek victory. As a leader, do you project strength, or do you appear weak and indecisive? Strength is a quality that inspires confidence and trust.

3. The Power of Stretching: Great leaders think big and surround themselves with those who stretch them. Do you have mentors or advisors who challenge you to grow? Growth is a continuous process, and having someone who pushes you beyond your comfort zone is essential for personal and professional development.

4. Teachability: Are you teachable? Leaders who are open to correction and learning from others are more likely to succeed. A teachable spirit allows for personal and organizational growth. Remember, correction is a sign of wisdom.

5. Creating a Visionary Atmosphere: When you speak, do people hear a voice or an echo? Apostle Bill encourages leaders to be voices of vision and victory. Do you empower and inspire with your words? Creating a visionary atmosphere around you is vital for attracting followers.

Conclusion: So, would you follow you? It’s a question that demands introspection and can be a catalyst for transformative leadership. As Apostle Bill Motley aptly puts it, this question is not just about leading others to a destination; it’s about becoming a leader worth following.

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