Confronting Jezebel Spirits in the Church: A Vital Guide for Pastors and Leaders

Are you a pastor or church leader facing the challenge of controlling spirits in your congregation? Apostle Sharon Motley, from the International Covenant Connections Fellowship (ICCF), has a powerful message that’s bound to equip and empower you.

In this video, “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit,” Apostle Sharon delves into the critical topic of controlling spirits in the church. Join her for a few minutes as she uncovers the truth about the Jezebel spirit, its influence, and how you can confront it head-on.

Check out our latest video: “Confronting Jezebel Spirits in the Church: Essential Guidance for Pastors and Leaders”

Understanding the Jezebel Spirit

Apostle Sharon begins by addressing the common issue many pastors and leaders face—a sudden disruption caused by individuals who seem determined to create division and strife within the church. She brings clarity to the confusion and helps you understand the controlling spirits at work.

The Revelation of the Jezebel Spirit

Ever wondered about the Jezebel spirit and its relevance today? Sharon takes you to Revelation 2:20, where the Bible itself speaks of a woman named Jezebel. She reveals the spiritual significance of this notorious character. You’ll discover that the Jezebel spirit is alive and well, actively seeking to drain the life and anointing from your ministry.

Jezebel’s Tactics Unveiled

Apostle Sharon goes on to describe the key characteristics of the Jezebel spirit and how it operates within a congregation. Jezebel spirits often infiltrate unnoticed, appearing highly spiritual and knowledgeable about the Word. However, their true nature is exposed when confronted with the practical application of God’s Word.

Confrontation and Protection

The heart of this message lies on confronting Jezebel spirits within your church. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing these spirits to safeguard your ministry. Drawing from years of experience, she shares examples and strategies for dealing with Jezebel influences.

Your Call and Ministry

As you watch this eye-opening video, you’ll come to understand how the Jezebel spirit aims to derail your calling and purpose as a minister. Drawing parallels to the story of Elijah and King Ahab, Sharon illustrates how even mighty leaders can be affected by Jezebel’s manipulation.

Take Action: Confront Jezebel Spirits

In this concise yet impactful teaching, Sharon underscores the necessity of confronting Jezebel spirits. She encourages pastors and leaders to identify these influences, seek wise counsel, and confront them directly. Jezebel spirits cannot thrive when exposed to the power of God’s Word and the unity of a strong congregation.


Don’t let the discord and division caused by Jezebel spirits hinder your ministry. Watch Sharon Motley’s video now and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to protect your church, congregation, and calling.

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