Discovering Your Next Step in Church Leadership

In a world of church leadership, the eternal question that often plagues pastors and leaders alike is, “What’s the next step?” At ICCF, the quest to answer this question is not just a mission; it’s a calling.

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A Grand Vision vs. the Next Step

Every pastor and leader embarks on a journey of perpetual self-discovery, continually probing for that elusive “next step.” Too often, the desire is to possess a grand, 10-year plan, or even to glimpse a clear vision of where the ministry will stand 15 years from now. But Apostle Bill Motley, challenges this conventional wisdom with a profound insight: God rarely hands out the entire roadmap. Instead, He often offers a single next step.

The Reason Behind God’s Strategy

The rationale behind this divine strategy is simple – if we were privy to the grand tapestry of our journey, its sheer vastness might cripple us. Apostle Bill offers a tangible analogy to illustrate this concept. Picture a challenging hill he conquers daily during his six-mile walk. This particular hill, a formidable incline, initially seems overwhelming. Apostle Bill admits to hearing his own flesh scream, “I don’t want to do this!” It’s a sentiment familiar to many of us. That daunting hill symbolizes the mammoth challenges that often obstruct our path.

One Step at a Time: The Divine Revelation

In a moment of divine revelation, God spoke to Apostle Bill and provided invaluable wisdom. He said, “Son, take it one step at a time. Don’t fret about conquering the entire hill. Don’t burden yourself with fulfilling every calling all at once. Focus on the very next step.” A transformation occurred as Apostle Bill adhered to this guidance. That once-insurmountable hill now seemed manageable. By focusing solely on the next step, the stress dissipated.

The Pivotal Question: Do You Know Your Next Step?

The pivotal question that Apostle Bill poses to leaders and pastors is, “Do you know your next step?” In many cases, churches become mired in stagnation or plateau, stagnating for years with little growth to show. Apostle Bill advocates for strategic changes, suggesting that every one or two years, ministries need to evolve – not their vision but the steps taken to reach that vision.

Discovering Your Next Step

So, what is the process of discovering your next step? It starts with seeking guidance from the Lord. Your next step could involve implementing small groups, bolstering outreach efforts, or enhancing leadership training methods. The key takeaway here is to avoid the temptation of trying to leap ten steps at once. This approach often leads to burnout and confusion. The real secret is to identify your next step and to commit to it with unwavering determination.

The Acceleration of Leadership

Apostle Bill acknowledges the swift evolution of leadership in the contemporary world. The days of pastors nurturing 20-year visions have evolved, replaced by much shorter timeframes. We’re now in an age of acceleration, and focusing on the immediate next step rather than the distant future is the key to thriving.

Conclusion: Embracing the Next Step

In conclusion, the words of Apostle Bill Motley are a clarion call to embrace a more manageable approach to leadership. By focusing on the next step, breaking free from stagnation, and adapting to the evolving landscape of leadership, individuals can unlock their true destinies. After all, the journey of leadership is taken one step at a time, and finding that next step is the key to success.

In the grand tapestry of life, remember that victory belongs to those who discover their next step and wholeheartedly embrace it.