James Lilly

Pastor James Lilly has a contagious spirit of love and gentleness that flows through every facet of his ministry. He has a teaching style that is very practical and easy to understand.

He has a tremendous passion to see God’s people working and living the principles of God’s Word and getting results from it. He is an insightful teacher of faith in God’s Word, wanting everyone to clearly understand the Bible so they can use it in practical ways.

Pastor Lilly is a graduate of LaSalle College and Duke University and a man of great faith, wisdom, compassion and love.

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  1. Gwen R. Smith

    I am not a member of Eagles Summit but I have had the distinct honor of communicating with these two Angels of the Lord on many occasions. Many times in ministry we are unable to connect with people that are lost, or with people with one foot in, and one foot out of the door of following Christ. Pastor Lilly and his beautiful wife First Lady Sandra’s approach to conversation makes one feel that you have known them for a life time. You can hear, see and feel their love and compassion for Christ. There is no surprise that people would gravitate to them for direction, and their wisdom of Christ. May the Lord continue to Bless them in health, ministry and wealth.

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